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bangalorians are twittering

At the moment twitter gains in importance here in Bangalore. Where as twitter seemed a bit useless when it came up, it now establishes it usage in different ways. First of all it’s a convenient and preiswertes web tool for keeping in touch with friends from the offshore site. To get a hint of what their business is right now. Second it is used for making appointments for evenings at the favorite restaurant ‘Only Place’ or let people now about a new upcoming event.

And in third place it is used by some bloggers see eventsbangalore.net to announce e.g. ‘roof top movie festivals’. Well, what are you doing right now? Visit twitter and join. It is fun and let you look bussy with you cell.

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  1. Thejesh GN on Juli, 17 2007 at 13:02

    Hey thanks for writing about eventsbangalore. Do you follow EB twitter?

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