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Web Comic

This has some funny slides in it, just go ahead and view it!

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TECH cocktail Chicago calling

TECH cocktail

Yesterday the next TECH cocktail Chicago #6 was announced by its founders Eric Olsen and Frank Gruber . They invented this event because it appeared to them that there were not enough web events – to connect the community – happening in Chicago. They wanted to get the networking going, to get people meet other people, create new ideas and start new things. Maybe they also wanted to transfer all these networking communities out of 2nd life into 1st life.

What is TECH cocktail?

quote rightTECH cocktail is a series of mixer events with the mission to amplify the technology signal in under served markets and have fun doing it. quote right

It is called mixer because a wide bunch of people like bloggers, technology enthusiasts, coders, developers, marketing people, people in sales, entrepreneurs and sometimes venture capitalists are welcome to participate on TECH cocktail events. Also people that are just interested in photography that want to just post pictures of TECH Cocktail on their blog are there. So it’s definitely a mix.

I guess it is similar to our so beloved webmontag in Germany.  The only difference is that TECH cocktail people try to meet quaterly and the webmontag crowd almost once a month. That actually is the aim of Eric and Frank to give kind of a kick start, so that people organize smaller  meet-ups in between TECH cocktail events. I haven’t figured out yet how the agenda is set up for that event. Well some more work to do I’ll research that issue.

Sponors are still welcome to contact the founders ;-)

Frank Gruber: frank [at] techcocktail [dot] com

Eric Olson: eric [at] techcocktail [dot] com

There is also a nice interview with both founders recorded by Technology Evangelist at TECH cocktail 2 available. It provides some more information about what the event is all about.

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