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Bangalore blogger meeting #2

Number TWO (this time we found the place) took place in a very nice location with delicious food and coffee. The amount of bloggers was almost exploding Brewhaha and stressed the stuff with the coffee, cappuccino, chai & iced coffee order for approximately 40 people.

We didn’t had a micro and the Indian blogger had lots and lots to talk, it was very hard to follow the entire event. But finally the person who had to say something had to sit in the middle. Click here to see some photos.

The top topic of the agenda was, finding topics which can be discussed on barcamp Bangalore #4 (BcB4)– blog widgets, creative commons licenses, how make blogs more attractive, … . The next idea was if so many people meet in their spare time to talk about blogging and according topics, they should just take that commitment and do something to improve Bangalore city similar to the platform Regardless if its some charity, sustainable or education support for kids. They will try to get some of the NGOs on board. Great idea! Lots of ideas came up though …

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Reviewing the bangalorian blogger meeting

Well, last Saturday Nimbu and me indeed tried to meet up with some bloggers from Bangalore. It was supposed to be at (Coffee Day – chain) on MG road. Upon that most Indians have a different feeling of time regarding fitting an appointment at a particular point of time; we were about 12-20 minutes behind the time. We got that coffee day and figured out a lot of people there but who is a blogger and who is not? We went creative; just draw a sing saying: “Looking for the blogger meet up!” (see below)

 obviously looking for bangalorian blogger

And showing it around. People seemed to be very interested they started asking: “What the heck are you guys looking for?” Though at least we got to opportunity to explain what a blog is and enabled us to talk a couple of sentences about blogging. ;-)

 The next day two friend of mine were contacting me: ”Well, how was the blog meeting? You know what I found the article in that newspaper reporting on the blogger meeting there is also a picture with it but why are you not on it?” If you started reading the article, I figured out why we didn’t meet up the blogger. The expected amount of people were double the size so that the location must been change before we arrived. But great now I know there are still Indian who count on time.

newspaper report

Looking forward to join the next bangalorian blogger meet-up on the 21st of July.

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BarCamp goes Bangalore

Fortunately I just found out about the blogger and barcamp scene here in Bangalore.

BarCamp Bangalore

It is on July 28 and 29, 2007 at Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (IIMB). And it is already the 4th barcamp in Bangalore (BCB4). Hope it will not be to „techi“ oriented by all these internet information service companies hanging out in Bangalore. I am really looking forward to this event in that totally different culture.

On Saturday 07/07/07 and 21st/07/07 I will go to join a blogger meet up. They will prepare what migth be important to held a panel on for BCB4.

Blogger meet up in Bangalore

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