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FAROO & the English version of my diploma thesis abstract.

Since the results of my thesis got a panel on Barcamp Bangalore #4, I thought I should translate & upload the abstract in English as well. Furthermore FAROO is already mentioned in the top 100 list of alternative search engines in july. And at least FAROO is obviously just worth an entry in the English version of Wikipedia.



”Analysis of the growth of a decentralized Peer-to-Peer search engine index“

Nowadays, the internet serves as a source of information for a variety of researches. 90 percent of all internet user use search engines with their comprehensive and complex data gathering and crawling technique, data storing and search algorithms as the tool to accomplish the required information. All established search engines are based on the same technology which is called the client server principal.

Within this thesis a search engine with a different technology of data gathering and Data storing will be introduced and described. It focuses an analysis of the growth of a Peer-to-Peer search engine index against the amount of users and the time line.

The aptitude of the different novel and user centered crawling method to generate a decent search engine index will be examined. The innovation in that method is, that the generation of the index will be realized by the users themselves only while surfing and viewing website within a browser.

To prove the aptitude three hypotheses were formulated which can be proved and discussed by data out of a practical experiment as well as based on theoretical work in the first chapters. The conclusion out of the theory and empery will give an idea and insight to the required timeline, amount of user and the approximately reachable index size. This thesis doesn’t give exact numbers but enables the possibility to make assumptions for the target group as well as marketing measurements to build up a proper search engine community.

Tags: internet, search engine, peer-to-peer, p2p, index, index size, crawling technology, user centered, search behavior

The FAROO website provides you with some more information about its technique and functionalities. If there are any questions, please just put them in the forum, they will be definitely answered. Or you might find your answers within an interview of FAROO’s CEO by clicking on here.

If somebody is interested in details about the results just leave a comment and I will translate that part as well.

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