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Skype outage

Interesting how an outage of the “little” internet service Skype, affects the entire world. Also interesting how I found out about it via another mobile internet push service. When I recognized that Skype isn’t working in Bangalore my first thoughts were that happens here once and a while in consequences of power cuts or internet cuts which are a part of everyday life. After two month India you are used to those circumstances and tough I was fine without Skype because getting angry isn’t worth it and fortunately I am not depended on it in a business manner. After a few minutes the first twitter messages about Skype and its non-connectivity in Germany reached my Indian cell phone. Wahuu, I am surprised in a positive way it isn’t Indians ‘underprivileged’ or better still in-developing-status infrastructures fault. And a few hours’ later also emails from the US with the message that Skype isn’t working – reached me. The internet and its impact in businesses on the entire world is sooooo amazing and fascinating at the same time. A blog posts on TechCrunch shows that other services like the gizmo project and Grand Central gain benefit out of the Skype outage. The Grand  Central Project was just acquired by Google at the beginning of July 07.

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  1. marcel on August, 21 2007 at 10:22

    actually thats just great that they have an outage, cause it shows quiete well how locked up you are, if you use a proprietary non-standard protocol.
    See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skype#Criticisms

    Go for a free SIP account and interconnect freely between all SIP providers

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