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40 startups # of the week

While observing my everyday walk-the-blogs in the morning I hit on this list of 38 german startups. I recognized 2-3 startups out of the list which I know from one of those web2.0 events. Actually I think some are missing and the certain services already complained about it by leaving comment on the blog post. What a wonderful transparent blogger world! That is the reason why my title say 40 # of the week instead of 38.

The second destination of my walk-the-blogs hit on TechCrunch as usual. Where they just thrilled announced that TechCrunch20 is converted into TechCrunch40.

After reviewing the 700+ applications that we received from 26 different countries, and after personally interviewing 175+ businesses, we decided that there were just too many strong start-ups to limit the conference format to 20 company presentations. So we […] determined that we could successfully break 40 companies at the conference and still leave room for interesting discussion and debate about new business models and verticals with our expert advisory panel.

T20 aeehhmm 40

Techcrunch2040 will be held on September 17-18 in San Francisco, CA. People from across the globe are attending this conference event. Since today forty out of 700 startups got the chance to announce, present and demo their products over a two day period at TechCrunch2040. The entire event is sponsored by a generous group of corporate sponsors and the startups do not have to pay a single cent for it. They had to pass through a row of interviews with a jury of twenty experts who judge the merit alone. The audience will be integrated into discussions – totally web2.0 like – afterwards until the final judge will be felt . The winner is offered a $50,000 cash award and other in-kind services and awards.

Though, I am really looking forward to T40. The most exiting moment will be when finally a list of the presenting startups will be public. And than compare which one out of the german startup list on blognation is mentioned on that agenda. Won’t be there but would like to – unfortunately i am to far away on the other end of the globe.

No better opportunity of rising attention ? !

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