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Webmontag in Düsseldorf

Just shortly before the next European championship Handball-Match in Norway starts, I would like to remind you on the next date for Webmontag in Duesseldorf coming up on 28. Januar 08.

Webmonatg in Duesseldorf

Four presentations are already listed:

  1. What is a „steam-engine“? A try to explain the term “Enterprise Portal”.
  2. Web-Trend-Research in China
  3. Knowledge-Management how it work with fun – Knowledge Garden
  4. Styleranking – the new virtual home for fashion victims.

Additionally there is a “Special Program: peak web“ Which will be a discussion if we already reached the end of a carefree evolution of the networking?! Between iPhone and 23andme, between Flickr and ‚Vorratsdatenspeicherung‘, between Cyborg and Platons Höhle; Information technology enters all life areas and the question comes up whehter we still could live without the web,  without networking, without virtual reality and the virtual ME (…) ?

Chances & Risks of the global networking, Aggregation of every smallest Information-node. The Discussion between the participants of the Webmonday an Prof. Dipl.-Dram. Linda Breitlauch, Prof. Dipl.-Des. Oliver Wrede, Prof. Lorenz Lorenz-Meyer as well as Siggi Becker will give an status report on that issue.

Looking forward to it. See you there!

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  1. Roland on März, 16 2008 at 12:31

    We enjoyed the Web Montag. Now we already launched the Fashion-Community. See more in our Fashion-Blog: http://blog.styleranking.de. And: See you on the next Webmonday ;-)

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