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The SearchRace by AltSearchEngine

SearchRaceJust heard about AltSearchEngines new feature The Search Race. They just announced on their website the search engine of the month April 2008. Now they involve you, the user, and created an opportunity to easily pick your personal favorite. Your opinion counts give your opinion publicity. Yet another web service who includes a participation and customer interaction feature – web2.0 like – to keep users in relation with what they offer – some might call it Customer Relationship Management.

Here are the steps on how it works:

1) You need to sign up for a free Search Race account before you can vote.
2) You can vote for as many search engines as you like that you have tried.
3) Did I leave one out? Now you can submit any other search engine you want!
4) The Search Race will continue until we get to the Search Engine of the Year.
5) You cannot vote for your favorite search engines more than once, sorry.

the searchrace

Go and pick it out! You can easily vote – or “pick” – YOUR favorite alternative search engines. Spread the message on that important race….





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