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Finally, FAROO is twittering

The great alternative search engine FAROO started twittering. I Just stumbeld on their following new blog post.

Now we are also twittering! Follow us on twitter.com/faroo_p2p to stay informed or send a tweet @faroo_p2p to get in touch.

After integrating Twitter search into FAROO we thought we should give some content back ;-)

P.S. You may follow us also on friendfeed.com/faroo

In 2007 I have written my diploma thesis with the title „Untersuchung zum Wachstum eines verteilten Index.

einer Peer-to-Peer-Web-Suchmaschine“ about Faroo; and this is the  english translation „Analysis of the growth of a decentralized Peer-to-Peer search engine index“.

One Response to “Finally, FAROO is twittering”

  1. nicole on Februar, 07 2009 at 16:51

    yay! great, I am already following them.

    btw: nice new design :)

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